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Collaborators: Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego

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Robert Schlaberg, MD, MPH Krista Queen, PhD Keith Simmon, PhD Keith Tardif, PhD Chris Stockmann, PhD, MSc Steven Flygare, PhD Brett Kennedy, PhD Karl Voelkerding, MD Anna Bramley, PhD Jing Zhang, PhD Karen Eilbeck, PhD Mark Yandell, PhD Seema Jain, MD, MPH Andrew T. Pavia, MD Suxiang Tong, PhD Krow Ampofo, MD

Journal of Infectious Diseases, March 2017

Robert Schlaberg, MD, MPH; Charles Y. Chiu, MD, PhD; Steve Miller, MD, PhD; Gary W. Procop, MD; George Weinstock, PhD; the Professional Practice Committee and Committee on Laboratory Practices of the American Society for Microbiology; the Microbiology Resource Committee of the College of American Pathologists

Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, February 2017

Sankar Swaminathan, Robert Schlaberg, Julia Lewis, Kimberly E. Hanson, Marc R. Couturier

New England Journal of Medicine, November 2016

Flygare S, Simmon KE, Miller C, Qiao Y, Kennedy B, Di Sera T, Graf EH, Tardif KD, Kapusta A, Rynearson S, Stockmann C, Queen K, Tong S, Voelkerding KV, Blaschke A, Byington CL, Jain S, Pavia A, Ampofo K, Eilbeck K, Marth G, Yandell M, Schlaberg R

Genome Biology, May 2016

Graf EH, Simmon KE, Tardif KD, Hymas W, Flygare S, Eilbeck K, Yandell M, Schlaberg R

Journal of Clinical Microbiology, January 2016



Erin Graf, Heng Xie, Steven Flygare, Yuying Mei, Hajime Matsuzaki, Mark Yandell, Robert Schlaberg

Poster Presentation, American Thoracic Society, May 2017