You should leave the clinician with confidence in your diagnosis.

Infectious diseases are the most common cause of mortality, but still largely unknown.

Bringing Precision Metagenomics to comprehensive respiratory testing.

Revolutionizing transplant care through advanced infectious disease detection.

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Have confidence in care

Too often, we leave the clinical visit without a clear understanding of what’s wrong with us.

The unknown of infectious disease

Infectious diseases account for $120Bn+ of healthcare utilization, yet are often managed without accurate knowledge.

Respiratory testing powered by Explify

IDbyDNA and Illumina partner to launch the Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Panel*, a Precision Metagenomics solution.
*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Transplant management powered by Explify

Powered by Explify, CareDx develops a tailored testing solution for pathogens affecting transplant recipients.

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The Explify software platform is an advanced Precision Metagenomics software suite that provides any lab with state-of-the-art computational biology and artificial intelligence for high-confidence, sequencing-based pathogen detection and characterization.

The Explify software platform combines ultra-rapid sequence search technology, highly curated databases for thousands of pathogens, customized machine learning modules, and interactive user interfaces empowering laboratories large and small to unlock cutting-edge genomics expertise without the learning curve. Multidimensional data is distilled into accurate, actionable insights enabling faster, more targeted, and cost-efficient testing results.

User-friendly and Intuitive

Designed by the lab for the lab. Automated and intuitive graphical user-interfaces allow any lab to leverage Precision Metagenomics without the learning curve.

Rapid Turnaround

Convert millions of DNA sequences into high-confidence results in minutes, powered by artificial intelligence and other optimized algorithms.

Actionable and Trusted Insight

Actionable insights into thousands of pathogens with known links to disease, combined with predicted drug resistance markers, are provided in an easy to interpret report, powered by artificial intelligence.

Complete Pathogen and AMR Profiling

Detects 50,000+ viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, including 6,000+ known human pathogens. Profiles antimicrobial resistance for viruses, bacteria, and fungi at high-resolution.

Our Products


Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Panel (RPIP)*

Using precision RNA and DNA sequencing, RPIP enrichment probes and automated Explify RPIP data analysis deliver sensitive detection and quantification of over 280 respiratory pathogens causing pneumonia, and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) information for 60 antibiotics and antivirals. RPIP identifies 180+ bacteria including 13 mycobacteria and other slow growing pathogens, 50+ fungi, and 40+ viruses including full genome characterization of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza A/B viruses, and antibiotic and antiviral resistance information based on >2,000 genomic markers.

Urinary Pathogen ID/AMR Panel (UPIP)*

UPIP brings the power of Precision Metagenomics to genitourinary pathogen testing, offering detection and quantification of over 170 common, less common challenging-to-grow and frequently missed uropathogens; many of which can lead to recurrent or difficult to manage urinary tract infections.. The comprehensive panel identifies >120 bacteria, 35 viruses, 14 fungi, 4 parasites, and antibiotic resistance information for 46 antibiotics based on >3,500 resistance markers.

from CareDx

AlloID, by CareDx and powered by IDbyDNA’s Explify, will provide plasma-based Precision Metagenomics detection and quantification of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that are of particular concern for causing infections in patients with transplants. AlloID will also deliver genotyping information for transplant viruses, antiviral resistance profiling, and detection of multidrug-resistant bacteria.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product in development

Research & Clinical Trials


IDbyDNA collaborates with researchers to further improve sample prep protocols and Precision Metagenomic analyses for identification, quantification, and profiling of microorganisms and AMR markers. This allows laboratories to optimize and consolidate testing while providing comprehensive results in a timely way.

Clinical Trials

Precision Metagenomics enables researchers and pharma partners to quickly identify the appropriate patients, therapy and organisms to power outcome research. Comprehensive profiling and insight on microorganisms and drug susceptibility drives definitive and successful clinical trials.

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Revolutionizing patient care with Precision Metagenomics

IDbyDNA develops Precision Metagenomic solutions intended to improve the lives of patients with faster, comprehensive pathogen identification powered by AI-driven genomic analysis and next generation sequencing. We envision a world in which healthcare providers can leverage these Precision Metagenomic tools to remodel the infectious disease management paradigm for the benefit of humanity.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Tackling the world’s most challenging testing problems, together.

In concert with the global community of researchers, clinicians, industry partners and policy makers, we are revolutionizing microbial detection and bringing new solutions to solve problems that are not currently addressable with today's technologies.

IDbyDNA’s partnership with Illumina brings the opportunity for Precision Metagenomics to thousands of laboratories around the world. IDbyDNA’s Explify products combined with Illumina’s sequencing systems creates a powerful, comprehensive infectious disease workflow. Together, we launched the Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Panel*.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

IDbyDNA and CareDx have joined forces, leveraging the power of IDbyDNA’s Precision Metagenomics platform Explify and CareDx’s clinical laboratory expertise to develop AlloID, a tailored infectious disease testing solution specific to organ transplant donors and recipients.

The DARPA Detect It with Gene Editing (DiGET) program seeks to provide the US military with a device that utilizes gene editing as detectors for rapid, point-of-need diagnostics and health biosurveillance. As a partner on the MRIGlobal led team, IDbyDNA provides the data analytics and software interfaces for the program.