April 30, 2022

ASM Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS)

May 1-4, 2022
ASM Clinical Virology Symposium, May 1-4, 2022, West Palm Beach, FL

IDbyDNA is changing the paradigm in infectious disease and AMR marker testing by applying the power of Precision Metagenomics to deliver insights for better health.

Our researchers are breaking new ground to bring new solutions to pathogen detection and characterization using their expertise in microbial genomics, bioinformatics, software engineering, laboratory medicine and infectious disease medicine.

See our latest research presentations at ASM CVS:

Viral Testing for Organ Transplants

Precision Metagenomics Demonstrates Accurate Detection, Quantification, GB Typing and Antiviral Resistance Testing for Cytomegalovirus (CMS) in Transplant Patients

Rachel Baarda et al., IDbyDNA, Salt Lake City, UT

Accurate Quantification and VP-1-based Typing for BK Virus in Transplant Patients by Precision Metagenomics

Kate Broadbent et al., IDbyDNA, Salt Lake City, UT

Precision Metagenomics Vs. Extreme Genomic Diversity: Advantages of a Target-enriched NGS Approach for the Quantitative Profiling of TTV Genogroups in Solid Organ Transplant Patients

Keith Arora-Williams et al., IDbyDNA, Salt Lake City, UT

Respiratory Pathogen Detection
Analytical Performance of a Precision Metagenomic Approach for Pathogen Detection in Respiratory Tract Infections with a Focus on Influenza A and Human Adenovirus C

Marta Mangifesta et al. IDbyDNA, Salt Lake City, UT

Combining Broad Pathogen Detection and Accurate SARS-CoV-2 Variant Analysis with a Diagnostic-grade, Automated Data Analysis Solution

Steven Flygare et al., IDbyDNA, Salt Lake City, UT