June 21, 2021

NGS vs. Culture – Weill Cornell Research Investigating the Accuracy of Pathogen Detection Using the Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Panel (RPIP)*

Pathogen Identification from Tracheal/Endotracheal Specimens by mNGS
by Dr. Arryn Craney, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Weill Cornell

Presented at World Microbe Forum 2021

New clinical research data investigating the accuracy of pathogen detection using the Respiratory Pathogen ID/AMR Panel (RPIP)* compared to routine microbiology culture identification. Her research also examines the retrospective evaluation of tracheal/ endotracheal specimens for the detection of pathogens by mNGS in a cohort of COVID-19 patients intubated during the first wave of the COVID-19 in NYC. Furthermore, Dr. Craney outlines the detection of antibiotic resistance markers by RPIP compared to phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing and describes a possible workflow for mNGS directly from tracheal/endotracheal specimens with reflex to microbiology culture.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.