Explify Respiratory

Specimen Collection & Shipping Instructions

  1. Collect specimen as per your institutional protocols.
  2. Complete the Test Requisition Form (TRF) online and print it or complete the form included in the shipping kit and provide all required information.
  3. Send specimen in a sterile tube (minimum volume: 2 mL). Aliquot the primary sample only when necessary and under sterile conditions into the provided specimen collection tube. Close the tube securely.
  4. Label the sterile tube with patient name, DOB, sex, and your internal ID.
  5. Place the specimen collection tube into the provided biohazard bag containing the absorbent sheet and seal the bag.
  6. Place the completed TRF into the outside pouch of the sealed biohazard bag.
  7. Place 2.0 kg of dry ice in box.
    • Dry ice must completely surround the samples before sealing the package.
    • If there is not enough room for the full 2.0 kg of dry ice, use an additional box for the overflow of samples.

    This will require additional 2.0 kg of dry ice.

  8. Close the styrofoam cooler (do not tape the lid closed).
  9. Securely close the outer cardboard box using the adhesive strip on the box flap.
  10. Indicate 2.0 kg of dry ice packaged in the box, in the space provided next to the dry ice label.
  11. Affix the pre-filled FedEx label to the top of the outer box.
  12. Ship box via FedEx.

*  FedEx deliveries to IDbyDNA are currently possible Monday – Saturday.
All specimen shipments should be scheduled Monday – Friday to avoid delays in shipping and receipt of thawed specimens.